The company was founded in 1919, by Wilhelm Ferdinand Kaiser as a wholesale enterprise for metal goods in Beierfeld, amid the Erzgebirge Mountains.

In 1954, Kaiser moves to Nassau, Lahn, where the city’s historic grain hall becomes the new production site. However, constant growth necessitates expansion and in 1963, Kaiser is the first company to settle in the new industrial area in Diez, Lahn.

In 1968, Kaiser develops the first baking forms with nonstick coating and gains a competitive market edge.

1984 is the birth of the premium series ‘La Forme’ and the beginning of a unique market success. It is the first springform pan, with a full flat bottom.

Since 1987, Kaiser becomes the market leader in Europe, and the global market leader for springform pans.

Website: www.kaiser-backform.de