In 1951, Carlo Giannini started up his manufacturing business with the rational and pragmatic print typical of the entrepreneurial activities in Brescia, giving birth to a new generation of steel housewares where the importance of functionality balanced with linear and clean appearance. The historical symbol of the company, the coffee maker ‘Giannina’, was born in 1968, and after more than 4 decades, holds untouched its design, functionality, and great coffee!

The second generation has confirmed and renewed the company success in time, thanks to careful market researching and an on-going studying of the evolution of the consumers taste and needs, while keeping as a constant element the need to create handy and effective household items, rich in originality and style.

The third generation, successfully integrated in the company structure, lays solid basis for the future, continuing the growth and researching process as for products, design, distribution and marketing.

Giannini pursues with tenacity and consistency the aim of a new product, as for shapes and design, with the help of brilliant designers and technical experts working in synergy to create items which underline the value of our daily routine.

Giannini products join the family: they respect our habits and needs, they cook, lunch, live with us, help us in little things and gestures and somehow keep us company.

Beautiful and sober because it is so nice to be surrounded by style but mainly they are functional and recognizable objects, as per Giannini tradition.